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Ceramic Transfers
As early as 1750, ceramic transfers or decals were being used in Europe. As the technology progressed they were adopted by many large manufacturing companies like Spode, Wedgewwod, and Minton.
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Glaze Screening and Transfer
Using a range of materials I create screens to apply glaze and oxides to bisque ware. Like silk screening, this process forces the glaze, thickened with a gum powder, thorough the screen to be absorbed by the still porous clay.
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This technique, which involves the potter incising a design into the clay body filling it in with contrasting colored clay or slip then covering it with a transparent glaze. A Japanese technique, it is named for the city of Mishima in Shiuoka Prefecture (district) that dates back to the Koryo Period (935-1392).
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Sagger Firing
Saggars are used to create a localized reducing atmosphere which concentrates the effects of salts, metal oxides and other materials on the surface.
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Tape Resist
Architectural drafting tape, available in widths as fine as 1/32, is a tool I use frequently to create a linear pattern on my work. After applying one glaze with a spray gun, I remove the tape and then apply a second glaze color.
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